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Hardware Finishes

Knobbery offers products in a variety of popular finishes to match your style. Using our reference guide below and searching for products in these finishes, you will find a right match for your project. Here are some of the most popular finishes of knobs and hardware:

Satin Nickel/Brushed Nickel: This finish is the most common finish for those who are creating a Modern look in their kitchens. This finish is similar to Stainless Steel except that it offers more variety of styles than it is possible with Stainless Steel. Also known as Brushed Nickel, Satin Nickel finish can be achieved on variety of metals but it most common on brass and zinc.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze: This finish is found on brass and or zinc and is used in applications to create an Old World look. For that reason this finish is created by dark oxidizing the base metal. Some of the variations of Oil-Rubbed Bronze appear to have an amber hue or a copper undertone. The industry interpretation of this finish varies a lot and can be seen anywhere from a chocolate brown candy color to almost black. Certain designs of cabinet knobs feature an Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish to create a more contemporary modern look.

Polished Brass: Without a doubt probably the most popular finish of the bygone era is Polished Brass. Zinc Polished Brass or US3 finish usually overlays brass and has a lacquer sealant to prevent the brass from tarnishing to create an ageless and a shinny glitter of the traditional style of hardware. It can be found today in various applications ranging from bathroom accessories to faucets and door hinges.

Polished Chrome: Creating an Art Deco look or a super-contemporary look calls for Polished Chrome products. Often designers of kitchens and bathrooms with European furniture, zinc, Euro-contemporary, or a Modern look use Polished Chrome cabinet hardware. This finish has a silver-polished mirror finish and is long lasting, as it doesn’t tarnish easily. With this finish, you'll need to wipe those finger prints, which show easily on mirror finishes like Polished Chrome (and Polished Nickel which is almost like a sister finish but a little more on the Silver side).

Antique Brass: This finish is often found on brass zinc or other metals to achieve an Old World or traditional look, and typically involves a two-step process, where the Brass product is first given a black coating and then brushed off to create the Brushed Antique Brass look. The product is then lacquered and baked to prevent it from tarnishing. Knobbery carries many ornate products in Antique Brass.

Antique Copper: Antique Copper is a popular finish that is coming of age. Creating a traditional look in more of a modern decor has become a possibility to having products with a contemporary design, but finished by a traditional finish like Antique Copper. Antique Copper is also typically seen on brass, but can also be on zinc or other metals. It involves dipping the base metal in a copper flash, then plating it black before finally brushing it to create the Antique Copper look.

Stainless Steel: This finish doesn’t need an introduction as more and more products and appliances are available in Stainless Steel. Knobbery also offers numerous products in Steel, which is a different base metal than Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel products are very popular to create a Modern kitchen and are more frequently offered in European bar-pull styles. Another popular alternative is to look at Satin Nickel, which provides the same modern look in variety of styles of decorative hardware.

Black: Black can be finished both in a matte or a glossy finish, with more often the former than the latter. These products provide a Modern look, which is quite different than the ones provided by going with Stainless Steel or Satin Nickel. Use this option if your have black appliances or don't want to focus a lot of attention on the cabinet hardware. Black is typically seen on brass hardware, but is also available as a powder coated finish over Iron.

Iron: Iron is another popular and versatile metal used for pulls and knobs. Knobbery offers products both made out of Iron or those that are finished to create the Iron or Wrought Iron Old World and rustic looks.

Patina: Patina is a natural oxidization process that occurs over bronze and brass to create a green verdigris finish like seen on the Statue of Liberty. Having Patina hardware immediately creates that timeless feeling, something from your grandmother's era.

Rust: Rust is to Iron and Steel what is Patina to Bronze and Brass. Oxidization on Iron and Steel produces the copper-colored red corrosion that is Rust. Though not desirable in moving parts, the Rust look is quite popular in decorative hardware to create the aged Old World look and the rustic feel around the home.